NJB Summerlin is a chapter of National Junior Basketball that serves grades 1 and 2 for both boys and girls, and grades 3 through 8 for boys.

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NJB is a non-profit national youth basketball league that has been in Las Vegas since 1992. The league stresses sportsmanship and mandatory playing time for all players. The league prides itself on organization and use of the best facilities in town (high school and middle school gyms). Complete uniforms of high quality are used and every player also gets NJB insurance and team photo during selected seasons. A draft system is used for forming of teams to help insure parity between teams for even competition. NJB uses only certified NJB referees to ensure the best refereeing and game management. It is also important to note that coaches are guaranteed only their own kids, not their assistant coaches kids, not their kids friends, neighbors or relatives (with the exception of siblings of course).