NJB Summerlin is a chapter of National Junior Basketball that serves grades 1 and 2 for both boys and girls, and grades 3 through 8 for boys.

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Las Vegas, NV
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Q:          What is NJB?

A:         National Junior Basketball is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Dennis Murphy, Jr. in 1984. Coach Murphy was previously a coach at Garden Grove High School in California when he had vision of a youth basketball league based on sportsmanship and player development.

NJB has blossomed into a national youth league with over 25,000 participants in 6 states, including four chapters in Nevada (Summerlin, Centennial Hills, Henderson and Southwest). The Summerlin program offers four divisions for boys (grades 1 through 8). The Rookie Division is for 1st and 2nd graders, boys and girls, stressing fundamental skills and personal growth.
Q:         What are the divisions? (girls are welcome to plaw with the boys in all divisions)

  • Rookies: K - 2nd graders, boys and girls (co-ed)
  • Division 3 Boys: 3rd and 4th grade boys
  • Division 2 Boys: 5th and 6th grade boys
  • Division 1 Boys: 7th and 8th grade boys
  • HS Division: 9th - 12th grade boys


Q:         How much is the registration fee and what does it include?

A:         Registration is $230.00 per player and includes:
            Official NJB Uniform
            NJB picture packet (for winter league)
            League Insurance
            Individual Player/Team Awards for All Players
            Certified NJB referees
            Top Quality Facilities

            10 Season Games

            End of Season Tournament


Q:        How do I register to play in Summerlin NJB?


A:         The league is very popular and always fills up completely. It is highly recommended that you register early. Registration is done annually during the month of September with late registration in October. Registration is done online and will be announced through our email list and Facebook page. It is highly recommended that you join our email list and/or "Like" our Facebook page. Once registration is open all you will need is your player's information (Name, age, grade, height, weight & etc.) and form of payment. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

Q:         How long is the playing season?

A:         Winter League is typically 10 weeks, 1 league provided hour long practice, 1 game per week on Saturdays, plus a post-season tournament. There is also an All Star program that participates in the National Tournament in Southern California. There is a two week break at Christmas.  At present, Winter League is the only league offered for Summerlin NJB. We typiclly do sign-ups in September through early October, Evaluate and draft in October, Practice in November, games begin in December and continue to late February, early March.  If you are interested in fall, spring or summer leagues, please check the Centennial Hills or Southwest NJB websites.

Q:         Where are games held?

A:          Our Rookies practice and play @ Faith Lutheran Community Academy located @ 2700 S Town Center Dr

             The remainder of our divisions practice and play at Palo Verde High School locate @ 333 S Pavilllion Center

Q:         How are teams chosen?

A:         After registration, a player’s evaluation will be conducted, at which time coaches will observe and rank players in their division.  Coaches hold a draft after evaluations are complete.  No players are present during the draft.  All players will be chosen for a team, all players on a team play a required number of periods during games. SIBLINGS IN THE SAME DIVISION ARE GUARANTEED TO PLAY ON THE SAME TEAM, FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS ARE NOT GUARNTEED. COACHES ARE GUARANTEED THIER KIDS BUT NOT THEIR ASSISTANTS. Please see the Rules by clicking on the Coaches Corner Tab


Q: What if I cannot make to evaluations?


A: EVERY player must attend evaluations or late evaluations or they will be placed on the waiting list

Q.         What ball size should my child play with?

ROOKIES (boys and girls, K - 2nd grade) play with 27.5” balls
DIVISION 3 BOYS (3rd & 4th grade) play with 27.5” balls
DIVISION 2 BOYS (5th & 6th grade) play with 28.5” balls
DIVISION 1 BOYS & HS (7th - 12th grade) play with 29.5” balls


Q.        How do I become a coach?

A.        Please register to be a coach through our online registration system that is open in September through early October. Coaches are required to pass a background check and attend a clinic. Coaches are chosen by our Board of Directors. We appreciate all who are willing to help.


Q.         I have more questions.  Who do I contact?

A:         Email Me!!           NJBHAIR@HOTMAIL.COM